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Sustainable Kitchen

Apartment owners and property managers average at least two kitchen remodels in their buildings each year.  With one of our own kitchen remodels, we brought what recently rented for $1,200 up to $2,000 a month, while including many “green” features.  While these renovations focus on increasing the value and appeal of the property in the shortest time possible, it is an important added bonus to incorporate the sustainability of such projects into the renovation.  Sustainable development balances the economic, equitable, and environmental considerations of all involved, which ensures long-lasting usefulness into the future.

This report focuses on property managers in the San Francisco Bay Area, and highlights retailers, products, and rebates that are specific for this area.  This report is by no means a final word on this topic.  The objective here is to create a guide and begin a forum for discussing how the environment can be included in the apartment context.

Sustainability Scale of Products
Remodel Case Study