Sustainability Product Scale

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Basic Level Industy Level Sustainable Level
Laminate Countertop Granite Countertop Ceasarstone Countertop
Vinyl FLooring Standard Cabinets IMPACT Cabinets
Original Fridge Non-Engery Star 24″ Refrigerator Engery Star 24″ Refrigerator
Zero Insulation Pink-fiberglass Insulation Formaldehyde-free Insulation
Vinyl Flooring Standard Flooring Marmoleum Flooring
Original Faucet Head Regular Faucet Head Low-flow Faucet Head
Single Pane Windows Simonton Vinyl Windows Andersen 100 Series Windows
Incandescent Lighting CFL Lighting LED Lighting

The products we have evaluated have been broken down into the following categories: Appliances, Cabinets, Countertops, Flooring, Lighting, Insulation, Plumbing, and Windows.  Products have been compared by price and sustainability scale, and links appropriate retailers.  Following this matrix are in-depth descriptions of the different categories.

Category Product Price Sustainability Scale Retailer
Standard 24” apt. refrigerator $459 Industry
Danby Energy Star Refrigerator $487 Sustainable TriMark ERF
Particleboard cabinets $2066.33 Base
Solid wood cabinets $1280 Industry
Executive (IMPACT Line) $4763.30 Sustainable Executive (IMPACT Line)
Laminate $15/sq. ft. Base
Granite $30/sq. ft.* Industry
Ceasarstone $55/sq. ft. Sustainable Sincere Hardware
Vinyl $5-$10/sq. yd. Base
Forbo Marmoleum $975.48* Sustainable Abbey Carpet
Incandescent $1/bulb Base
CFL $3.50/bulb Industry
LED $20-$40/bulb Sustainable
nothing Base
Pink-fiberglass $0.35/sq. ft. Industry
Formaldehyde-free $0.38/sq. ft. Sustainable Discount Builder Supply
Regular faucet head $5 Industry
Low-flow faucet head $5 Sustainable
Simonton Vinyl $632 Industry
Andersen 100 Series $517 Sustainable Dial Glass Window Company

See an application of these figures with the remodel case study of  our SF Mission District apartment.

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