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Roof Gardens

by Sustainable Andy on July 15, 2010 · 1 comment

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In dense cities such as San Francisco, roof gardens are becoming an increasing popular way to go green.  In fact, we are exploring options for some roof spaces available on apartment buildings in the Tenderloin & Mission districts and plan to publish our preliminary research soon.

Design Ecology offers a variety of gardening services and water saving devices.  Live Roof is a more sophisticated and popular roof option using engineering techniques to use a minimum amount of soil, save the most amount water, and be readily available to most buildings (even those on slopes).  Furthermore, the plants come pre-grown so once installed, it’s ready to go.

In addition to the live gardens available for roof space, native gardens are also available.  Native gardens are unique because they promote natural wildlife including insects and birds (10 – 50 times as many compared to non-native).  Most likely, this is the type of garden that will be on the roof of our buildings.  A few companies that offer quality native plants and trees are the Buckeye Nursery and Central Coast Wilds.

In South Boston, one of the first all green structures made was the Macallen building.  You can check out a review here of the building, and make sure to look out for the amazing rooftop garden!

So if you are looking to use that empty space on the roof of your house, know that you have the option to build an eco-friendly garden!

Health club rooftop garden - San Francisco, California

Health club rooftop garden - San Francisco, California


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An impressive independent film, “The Greening of Southie“, about sustainable construction at the Macallan Building in Boston.