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Designing for Power

by admin on February 11, 2009 · 0 comments

in Power and Energy Conservation

We used many different technologies when remodeling our first house. In the process, we learned that 30% of the energy created in California is used by residential consumers. That energy is produced by a variety of sources, but still predominately by burning fossil fuels. So here are some of the products we used.

Solar = Clean Electricity

The solar panels on the roof will provide 2.6 kilowatts of clean electricity. In tandem with energy star appliances and lighting the house will lower monthly the monthly energy bill. Clean electricity means that the energy is produced by a system other than a power provider, say a local utility company.

In the Loop

We used an integrated hot water tank / forced-air heating system. We chose The PHOENIX – a 97% efficient system. The hot water from the tank loops into the forced-air heater, and the heat is reused for the home. There are two cold air returns with filters on the ground floor that clean the air, and a hydronic air handle with an exterior intake valve that allows for complete interior air changes. Working in conjunction with the insulation, a system such this system provides exceptional heating with minimal energy use

Energy Star Lighting

We added LED lighting on the right side going up the stairs. LEDs use even less power then CFLs and they do not have any mercury so disposal is not a HazMat issue.

Natural Light

In the great room of the house we included a 4 foot round skylight which will provide natural light. We also included skylights in a hallway and above the staircase for to increase the natural light, and reduce the need for flipping on a switch.



Design for Energy Savings

  • Solar photovoltaic panels
  • Energy Star Rated household appliances
  • 97% efficient Phoenix water heater
  • Multiple skylights
  • Extreme Insulation
  • Blown cellulose (from recycled phone books)
  • Recycled cotton (from recycled denim)
  • Spray foam