Lighting comes in three flavors: incandescent, compact fluorescent, and LED.  Incandescent lighting is the least sustainable, relative to CFL and LED.  Incandescent lighting comes from older technology, and not very energy efficient.  These bulbs can be easily replaced by CFL bulbs, that cost only slightly more.  CFLs require 75% less energy to function properly, while lasting up to ten times longer than incandescents.  In the long run, CFLs give you more bang for your buck.

Additionally, a new SF Environment program focuses on providing free on-site energy assessments on San Francisco apartments.  During these assessments, SF Environment will come and replace your incandescents for LEDs, free of charge!

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, is the most efficient and modern type of lighting.  They are also the most expensive. LEDs come in many shapes and sizes, and include models that fit into standard household light sockets.  These lighting solutions will conserve energy consumption, and potentially lower the utility bill.

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