There are many benefits to having a tenants living space insulated.  Insulation increases the comfort of the living space, making the indoors cooler during summers, and warmer during winters.  This means less use of the heater and air conditioning, which lowers the utility bill.


Some apartment owners may opt to not insulate their properties.  This is obviously the cheapest option for management.  In San Francisco where temperature variance is minimal, insulation may be seen as less of a necessity.

Nevertheless, insulation has proved present many benefits.  Most fiberglass insulation products do contain formaldehyde, which can have some potential health risks.  There are formaldehyde-free products in the market, which come with a slight premium.  At Discount Builder Supply in San Francisco, the formaldehyde-free fiberglass insulation comes at $0.38 per square foot, compared to regular pink fiberglass at $0.34 per square foot.

For those who have an especially green thumb, there are a few other insulation options that are available.  Denim insulation, blown cellulose (old newspapers), and spray foam are all formaldehyde free.  Although more pricey than regular fiberglass batts, these options are made of recyclable content.

Spray foam insulation

Denim insulation

Blown cellulose insulation

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