Flooring for apartment kitchens also has some nice eco-friendly options.  Forbo Marmoleum is produced from renewable materials: linseed oil, rosins, wood flour, jute and ecologically responsible pigments.  Marmoleum has been certified by a range of agencies, including ISO 14001 certification.  This product is not only made of natural materials, but also is very durable and affordable.  We sourced this product from Abbey Carpet in San Francisco.

Vinyl is less of a green alternative.  Cheap, but less durable than linoleum, vinyl flooring can be easily damaged by sharp objects, and the surface colors fade quickly.  This flooring also is not made of natural materials, and off-gasses harmful substances.

Cork may also be an interesting flooring option.  Cork flooring is a soft, comfortable surface that is completely renewable.  Cork also provides noise insulation, and does not off-gas any potentially harmful properties.  Unfortunately, this flooring option is more expensive than the other two, and less water resistant.

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