Our apartment kitchens have a refrigerator and gas range.  A dishwasher is not included to reduce costs and energy demand.  The appliances we purchase are “apartment-size,” meaning having a width of 24 inches.  The benefit of smaller size includes easier installment, lower cost, and greater efficiency.

Gas ranges, by their nature, are more energy efficient than electric ones.  Also, natural gas can be less expensive than electricity through the utility.  In many apartments with old construction in San Francisco, these benefits of being able to lessen electricity demand for the building is also very beneficial.

TriMark ERF holds 24 inch apartment-sized refrigerator from Danby that is both Energy Star rated and very affordable.  The Energy Star certification means that the fridge operates using 20% less electricity than a normal refrigerator of comparable size.  TriMark in San Francisco was able to offer this refrigerator to us at $487.  A refrigerator of comparable size from other vendors in SF were almost the same price, only without the Energy Star certified stamp.

When doing kitchen renovations like these, its very common to encounter old appliances that you need to be rid of.  JACO Environmental implements a PG&E program that will pickup and recycle old refrigerators, and in exchange will cut a $35 rebate check to the owner.  The only requirements are that participants must be a PG&E customer, and the fridge must be operable and between 10-30 cubic feet.  PG&E offers many unique rebates for multi-family buildings.  Click here for a complete list.

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