All the different shades of green

by Sustainable G on June 29, 2011 · 1 comment

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Every week I try and give these posts some form of organization and give these posts a smooth flow to them.  This week, there is no smooth flow, it is merely a compilation of random articles that I found to be cool and interesting.  The waters of this post are choppy, you have been warned.

With the death of guitar hero and the imminent rise of the next generation of video game consoles, people are going to start having old, plastic guitars and outdated consoles piling up.  Find out how to discard your used toys here.

I like being able to hear news about our government and be able to say, “fail” (with added face palm), this time is no exception.

I did not realize that this was such a big dilemma but, evidently, some parents have a hard time choosing between biodegradable and cloth diapers.  This article is a little old, but that’s okay.

In more recent news, the Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit by several states which attempted to make utility companies reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

PG&E is trying to guilt trip its customers into saving trees for an additional sixty dollars a year.  Bad PG&E, bad.

Ugly or Not Ugly

For more on this house click here.

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