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According to, the LA Unified School District is starting a program to build more energy efficient schools for kids.

In case you have not seen this (I had not), here is President Obama’s plan for creating a greener nation.

Now that you know the President’s plan (assuming that you read this articles in chronological order – I don’t know why you wouldn’t) here is what San Francisco just decided to do in order to help increase its energy efficiency.

Here’s a link for all you activists who want to get more involved in saving the planet.

Found a fifty-eight minute long video about San Francisco’s building standards and how they are making SF greener.  If you really want to watch all of it, then click on and enjoy, otherwise, just click it and listen to the really bad jazz intro and then decide whether or not you want to continue.

For all you do-it-yourself people out there, here are five-tips to make your house more energy efficient (none of them look extremely dangerous).

Now Mr. Schimdt (he hates it when I call him that) told me to make these posts more fun (that’s what all the parenthetical comments are – my attempt at humor, let me know if I am annoying and I’ll stop), so I decided to start a “poll”.   I am a large supporter of saving the planet and I think that building smarter is a great way to do it; however, let’s face it – some of these green buildings are just plain ugly.  So with each post I will put up a picture of a energy efficient/ green home and leave it up to you (the beloved reader) as to whether or not you think that the building is ugly or not ugly. Since I cannot seem to get the poll system running, just write a comment with your answer (ugly or not ugly) and I will tally up the results and display them next post (assuming that anyone comments at all).

House #1

This house is located in the Mission District of San Francisco.  Click here if you want to see the inside of the house too.


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1 Vale Cervarich 04.28.11 at 5:58 pm

The siding makes it officially Ugly. Which is unfortunate! Inside, the “art” is not my taste. However, the Staircase is magnificent! and a lot of the materials are great. Why can’t people make green houses that look normal?! :)

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