Sustainable Lighting Options

by schmidt on August 24, 2010 · 2 comments

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Looking to replace your inefficient old-fashioned light bulbs for some sustainable lighting? Whether for home or commercial use, installation of sustainable lighting can translate into a large transformation of energy savings in your next monthly bill.

If you are doing a remodel or just want to install efficient light fixtures, Energy Savings Technology is a great place to start searching (based in CA).  They offer a wide variety of household lighting options that offer an easy way to install and save.  WattStopper, switches the focus on light reduction to save energy in a household or business.  With dimming, time interval, audible, and sensor switches, energy is saved no matter what you choose.

Lutron, a more sophisticated company compared to WattStopper, not only explores more options for light reduction, but also sells light fixtures that are extremely sustainable and efficient.  A service called “Quantum” accounts for natural lighting and manipulates the electricity flow in specific rooms to increase or decrease depending on how much natural light is available.  This is a very advanced option that is great for office buildings to maximize savings over many rooms.

Many office buildings are required to have lights on 24/7, and often we forget to turn off the lights in our own homes.  For this, it is vital that we understand that there are opportunities to save money, electricity, and even comfort by exploring sustainable lighting options.  To give you an idea, when the New York Times building in NY adopted Lutron technology, the 600,000 sq. ft. building began saving over 70% in energy savings and $30,000 per floor each year.

In the outdoor setting, streetlights are also very important to think about – They are on at night every day of the year.  A few companies including Zemos create lights for uses such as street lights that are powerful, durable, yet also efficient.  They have a lot of lights that are perfect for long-term outdoor uses.  If you are considering putting flood lights in your backyard or light panels around your house,  look into Zemos’ website.

From a bulb replacement in a bedroom to a full scale building remodel, make sure to check out your sustainable lighting options.

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