Cash for Crappy Boilers

by Sustainable Andy on August 24, 2010 · 1 comment

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If you have been thinking to replace that old inefficient boiler of yours that is wasting space and money, now is the time to act!  Recently Helmut was able to attend a meeting held by Matt Greco, Program Administrator for the SF Department of Environment, dealing with a new incentive program involving boiler systems.  Fortunately, the federal stimulus package included this block grant that can give a large incentive (up to 30%) for the replacement of an old boiler.

I just spoke and scheduled a free on-site assessment with Mr. Greco at an 11 unit apartment building on Guerrero street.  We are hoping to find out how efficient the current boiler is, how realistic it would be to replace it, and whether or not it is eligible for this incentive program.

If you have an old boiler you are looking to replace, you can set up a free on-site assessment at your location by contacting Matt at:

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