Sustainable Flooring Options

by Sustainable Andy on July 6, 2010 · 0 comments

in Sustainable Building Materials

There are many options for sustainable flooring on the market right now.  All these locations provide “reclaimed wood” meaning that they do not cut down trees but rather purchase or take used wood and refurbish it. Earth Source offers a wide variety of woods and is based in the Bay Area.  Green Waste Recycle Yard is also a Bay Area company which allows you to recycle your own tree and shrub and use credit to buy their recycled products such as lumber or mulch. One main attraction of the reclaimed wood is its age and durability.   Other companies such as Restoration Timber, North Cal. Wood Products, and Wood Anchor, offer a variety of woods some of which are restored in an exotic way for various purposes.  One company, Timber Tech, not only reclaims the wood, but also transports it and restores it through environmentally friendly methods.  Some companies such as East Teak Fine Hardwoods and The Reclaimer focus on specific woods such as teak wood and Douglas fir, respectively.  Because of its old age and slow growth the wood gains different colors and better stability.

Other products for sustainable flooring indoors include Showercork, which is made from 100% renewable raw materials, and organic carpet made by Corniche Carpet Mills by only using jute and latex.

If outdoors, products such as Airostone Corp, GraniteCrete, and TerraPave, each offer different types of sustainable pathways for small or large scale purposes.  Each have different designs and are compressed to last a long time.

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