While burning fossil fules produces the most greenhouse gasses, what’s the 2nd leading contributor?

by schmidt on November 13, 2009 · 0 comments

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When we think about climate change a.k.a. “global warming” one of the first things we westerners think about is our cars & power plants, and with good reason, since the EPA says “Transportation sources accounted for approximately 29 percent of total U.S. Green House Gas emissions…”  Globally cars pump thousands of tons CO2 and other pollutants into the air every day.  And of course things like coal fired power plants do nothing good for the environment.

But right behind cars and coal are … trees?

Yeah, trees.

Not the trees themselves, but the cutting and burning of forests to subsidize our consumption.  How much, let’s say 80,000 acres a a year.

Just kidding, I really meant to write 80,000 acres a day.

Not kidding.

A day.

Eighty thousand.

Here is a video for you, and think about the wood the next time you go to Ikea for furniture, or the Home Depot for your lumber.  The next time you see something with wood in it for sale you ask yourself is it worth it?  Do you need it?

Do you?

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