GreenBelt Alliance & 3961 25th Street

by schmidt on June 11, 2009 · 0 comments

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“By 2035 2 million more people will live in the bay Area”  That is a prediction that warrants some thought, made by the GreenBelt Alliance, the preeminent advocate for open spaces in the bay area.  The SF Chron had a good piece on them Thursday, one worth a quick read for those of us who build and remodel houses.  They recently put out a brochure/roadmap to sustainable urban growth…the main thrust being that “The Bay Area can accommodate all its projected growth in existing cities and towns”  That is a bold statement, but one I agree with.  From a remodelers perspective, I know how much underutilized space there is in existing housing stocks…if those efficiencies were captured through sustainable rebuilding practices it would make a significant impact on future housing needs.  GBA’s prescription focuses more on vacant lots and such, but I would add that existing structures have much to contribute as well if voids & dead zones like extra long garages could be reconfigured into usable spaces.

Along those lines I toured a very pretty green remodel in Noe Valley the other day, 3961 25th Street.  A very smartly done home I first saw over on socketsite, the project oozed good taste, individuality, and flair.  2.8 large is a pretty hefty price point, so I am interested to see how things shake out as it is in contract atm.  It is a good example of how existing housing stock can be reconfigured for more modern, sustainable living.


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