Arden Estates…New “Green” Construction in San Francisco

by schmidt on June 10, 2009 · 2 comments

in Sustainable Building Materials

There has been a spate of greener construction coming on line in San Francisco.  I toured a few yesterday on the SFAR’s Tuesday Tour, and one of the standouts, represented by Barbagelata Real Estate, is the Arden Homes Development located in West Portal.  It is an interesting block of 7 new homes constructed in the former urban grove of the Arden Woods Retirement / Spiritual Healing Center off Wawona Street.  I am still torn over the loss of the grove –  there are so few urban forests, and this really was a majestic stand of beautiful old trees.  But the flip side is 7 homes built within the city limits, close to public transportation, walking distance to shops, restaurants and other amenities, and constructed with some green features.  In the end I suppose it was the right decision to build here, but I will miss the grove.

The homes themselves are nice.  They have a number of Sustainable Features that are an honest if not 100% stab at green building (Of the 3 toilets I saw, only one was dual flush…why not all three I wonder?), on demand hot water (not sustainable imho), Trex Decking (decent), solar photovoltaic panels (good), energy star appliances & bathroom fans, (applause), etc, etc.

I am happy to see developers give a nod to green building, though much props also must go to Mayor Newsom whose advocacy of green building principles mandated this kind of thinking in new construction.  Only mandated action through legislation will force people to build this way.  And it really must be mandated in the building code otherwise we will continue to ignore real environmental costs associated with buildings until the balance becomes so great, our children can’t pay the interest and the planet gets foreclosed on.

More green building reviews to come soon.

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1 Mark Nelson 06.19.09 at 6:33 pm

I’m the owner/developer for the 7 single family homes, “Arden Estates”, project. I want to thank for your June 10th article on homes. I have been building new and renovated homes in San Francisco for the past 25 years, but this is my first concentrated effort to build green. Fortunately, Green building it is becoming less of a “cutting edge” effort and more of a “main street” way of building that the City of SF and general public is now demanding (and accepting). I hope that these new examples of Green building will help move future development in a more responsible direction. Keep up your good work and watchful Green eye!!

Mark Nelson

2 rick english 06.20.09 at 10:43 am

Bravo!-glad to see green building finally happening.

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