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in Power and Energy Conservation

The city & county of San Francisco decided last year to offer incentives to homeowners & businesses that wanted to install solar panels on their roofs.  It’s a great idea, your average coal fired plant gets truckloads of subsidies and tax breaks, it seems only fair that regular people get the same breaks.  Hopefully more and more municipalities will do the same across the country.The incentives increase if local labor and other socially responsible practices are used.

For people living in San Francisco these are the incentive levels for residential solar installations as of Feb 1 2009.


City Installer…$3,000.00

Environmental Justice…$3,500.00

Workforce Development…$4,000.00

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1 Sunmi 11.20.15 at 1:24 pm

Hello guys .Excellent work! With your tutorials i don’t stuck with the tut, but i eislay manage to inherit the techniques onto my projects.Please Try to Create a Street Generator, Same as City Kit, but the same, with straights, crossroads, bridges . Is that possible with expresso???Happy to have some news about that Thanks in advance!

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