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A few readers over the weekend asked about insulation.  Megan from Omaha asks:

“Hi, I am researching some green ways to renovate our home that will be finished in September of this year. I’ve been trying to find a supplier for that blue jean insulation in my area. However, I know Omaha, Nebraska is not known for it’s innovation in the “green” way of life…at least not from what I’ve seen. Any suggestions?”

Omaha may not be know for green building, yet.  But with people like you Megan, it will be.  You can order recycled cotton insulation pictured below direct from the manufacturers, Bonded Logic or Insulcot.  It is a fairly straight forward insulation, similar to fiberglass, in that you roll the bats into your walls – but without the itchy scratchy bits of glass flying all around.



Another option that I used on my project is blown cellulose.  Marie asks, “Where did you buy the insulation made of…blown cellulose, shredded phone books?”  Blown cellulose is becoming more readily available day by day.  You can read an outstanding piece on it from UMass here as well as a detailed instruction and product information from the Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association available here.  Here is yours truly lounging…I prefer construction to the finished product =)


Blown cellulose insulation installation (say that 5 times fast) is not as easy as recycled cotton bats (Blue Jeans) as you need some equipment and training to get it into the walls like you see above.  Basically you take a giant hair dryer thingy and blow it up, slightly damp, and then scree it flush with the studs.  Let it dry out and you are gtg for drywall.


PS Here is a link to an earlier post about some of the federal tax credits President Obama enacted to help people pay for things like…INSULATING!

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