Al Gore Fights off the right again

by schmidt on April 27, 2009 · 2 comments

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Politics has as much to do with sustainable building and living as good insulation and non toxic materials.  Maybe your not a politico like I am, but you should be.  Without political power, we have no chance of realizing global sustainability.  I only remodeled one little house in San Francisco, and the boards over at the Chronicle lit up like a Christmas tree with folks criticizing my motives, calling me a dirty developer and profiteer, so on and so forth.

But its all good – if I am not being criticized I figure I am not actually doing anything.  For every 5 people who like the solar array I installed I run across one grump who tells me its a lousy idea because San Francisco is foggy (1,500 watts today baby!!!).  So imagine someone who has a much higher profile and the abuse they get.  Here is a short clip form on of Al Gore’s recent house committee appearances where he has to defend himself against charges of being a greedy SOB.  Since the science behind his arguments in an Inconvenient Truth have never to my satisfaction been refuted (and feel free to show me any hard data here) character assassination is the only tool left for tools like Rep Blackburn.

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