Too big to be green?

by schmidt on March 1, 2009 · 0 comments

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Interesting piece in today’s Sunday Real Estate Section of the Chron on “Vegas Show Stopper” a 9,000 square foot monster built out in the desert with “green technology”.  Can you really be green or sustainable with a SFH at 9,000 square feet?  My answer is yes, hedged with a small aside:

WTF 9,000 SQUARE FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I would reconcile my philosophical meets reality take on this by saying that the house can be green, but not sustainable.  You can input lots of green features in a place like this, like the gas driven heat pump that the article crows about.  But green inputs does not sustainable make.  It’s too plain big.  I get the whole I need to prove something look at me and my big green house/car/schlong whatever…ok maybe a big green schlong isn’t something to look at.  My point though is that just because you call something green doesn’t mean it’s better.  Green is a color, a fad, something the corporate types have co-opted into their marketing lingo to sell you stuff.  Sustainable is a way of living.  And even if a project incorporates the latest in “green” features, the sheer size is self defeating.

Anyhow, article here if you want primary source.

read sfgate article

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