A reader sent me an email the other day asking for a site or calculation that could help him determine how much money he would save if he installed higher R factor insulation.  It is a damn good question, and while I referred him to SustainableSpaces for bids and/or an energy audit, it got me thinking about cost savings.  Exactly specifically to the dollar and cent how much do we save when we install energy & water saving systems into our homes?  It is  a personal question as it relates to your baseline usage, and savings will flow from each person differently – my wife likes to point out that I take very long showers, so if I were not so much of a water pig, how many dollars would that add up to over the course of a year?  There is this great article on Energy Use from National Geographic that has be inspired to go on an energy diet…I think I will get some baseline costs up, and track how changes in behavior and the installation of new systems impact actual costs, and report back on the savings.  I haven’t a clue how to do it, and I should probably let my wife know also, but I will figure it out and post as I go.


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